Our guest’s safety is our number one priority at Sea Kayaking. Their enjoyment of our experience and creating a memorable life experience comes at a very close second place.

  1. Pre-trip Information: We provide our guests with thorough pre-trip documents so they can adequately pack for our trip. For example, our packing lists emphasize adequate sun protection clothing and items; this way, we avoid sunburn when exposed to the powerful low-latitude sun. In addition, our staff is very responsive to all our guest’s questions before the trip; this way, all aspects of trip preparation are perfectly clear.
  2. Qualified Guides: Sea kayaking employs highly experienced and certified guides who are knowledgeable about the local waters, weather conditions, and safety procedures.
  3. Equipment: High-quality and well-maintained kayaking equipment, including kayaks, paddles, personal flotation devices (PFDs), and spraydecks is our standard requirement.
  4. PFDs (Life Jackets): We provide all our guests with US Coast Guard-approved type III PFDs. Participants must always wear personal flotation devices (PFDs) during the kayaking activity.
  5. Communication tools: Our guides carry inReach® satellite communicators, which feature an SOS trigger and are capable of including off-the-grid two-way text messaging. They also carry two-way radios when working in a duo or with guides. Adequately protected cell phones are also carried.
  6. Use of support boat: We always employ a motorized support boat (for rescue and as a “sag wagon”) on our 9-Day Panama Sea Kayaking Adventure. If conditions deem it necessary, or our guide requests it, we will also employ a support boat in our Costa Rica Trips in the Golfo Dulce.
  7. Local Networking: With multiple years of operating our various trips, we have built alliances, professional relationships, and friendships with local residents, service providers, and authorities. This gives us local insight, knowledge, and access to many goods and services.
  8. Briefings and Instruction: Before the kayaking trip, participants are given safety briefings and instructions on paddling techniques, emergency procedures, and the proper use of equipment.
  9. Weather Conditions: We monitor weather conditions closely and may cancel or reschedule trips if adverse conditions are forecasted. It is our policy to prioritize safety over the itinerary.
  10. Emergency Procedures: We have clear emergency procedures in place, including communication plans, first aid, and evacuation strategies.
  11. Group Size: We only work with small group sizes to ensure that guides can adequately monitor and assist all participants.
  12. Skill Levels: We assess the skill levels of participants and tailor operations accordingly, ensuring that activities match the abilities of the individuals involved.
  13. Environmental Awareness: We emphasize environmental responsibility, including guidelines for wildlife observation and Leave No Trace principles, to minimize the impact on the natural surroundings.