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ABOUT SEA KAYAKING COSTA RICA: We are a Costa Rican-owned and operated sea kayaking tour operator. We offer multi-day sea kayaking and multi-day hiking trips in Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce (a.k.a. Sweet Gulf) and Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, respectively. All our adventure trips are tailored for small groups and carefully crafted to provide an unparalleled experience and personal service. Our priority is to operate a safety-conscious, low-impact tour within a beautiful natural setting.

OUR STORY: Sea Kayaking Costa Rica, as the name suggests, was born from the idea that we could offer our experience and knowledge to provide active adventures in some of the most stunning ecological natural locations in Costa Rica. We started operating in 2015, but in 2021, we cut ties with a former business a rebranded into our current company.

OUR MISSION: To feed your spirit of adventure by sharing our knowledge and experience, and keeping you safe!